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A brief introduction

We established our family business in 2011 and looking after dogs since then. We offer 7 days a week service all year long because dogs need constant care no matter it is a simple weekday or a special bank holiday.

Our regular clients have access to a full service package. It means we are not just walking or boarding your dog we also sort out grooming appointments (including FREE collection and delivery from the salon). We also help you to manage appointments with your local Vet and take them there and bring them home after the visit.

And last but not least we are flexible with timing. If you need a last minute day care, boarding or just a walk because life sometimes bring you unpredictable situations, you can always count on us!

We provide full background to be a reliable and trustworthy friend of your dog.

Welcome to our doggie family! :)




Why would you need a dog walker?

Dogs are pack animals they need to socialize with other dogs. They choose their own friends in the pack and playing with them just give an extra quality time for their life.

Also they learn from each other and get used to each other’s presence make them more self-confident and help them to have a happy and well balanced life.

“We believe in fitness for a physically and mentally strong dog life.”

This makes us say that because during the past years we discovered that our dogs became very fit and strong due to the lot of play and exercise we have done together.

To play in pack unites dogs and pushes them to run even faster after a ball than normally because dogs like to compete. They learn to appreciate each other no matter if they win or lose in this competition because at the end it starts all over again. :)

Inside the pack they get freedom, friends, orders and routine. These things altogether make them happy and self-confident with other dogs even if they are not with us. They learn the barriers and they know if they keep the rules, it provides them an absolute FUN time!

This is why they are all happy to see us when we go to collect them for a walk because they can not wait to play and run and see their friends. :)


We recommend our service especially to the following dogs:
• Shy dogs
• Dogs with overweight
• Naughty dogs ( they are not actually naughty they just need to lose the extra energy to calm down)
• Puppies

Dog owners messages

  • “Tory is a very sensitive dog, his happy disposition depends on consistency and feeling secure which he does feel with you.”

    - Lisa - Tory’s owner -
  • “She loves you it is so nice to see. I can tell she is so excited to go out with you.”

    - Viv – Daisy’s owner -
  • “I am so glad she has such a wonderful time with you.”

    - Susan – Molly’s owner -


“Unleash the dog happiness!”



The Team




Dog Trainer


Dog walker


Dog walker/Driver


“We believe in fitness for a physically and mentally strong dog life!”

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us to discuss about your need!

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We are available in the following areas:
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